Savinidue is a producer of bathroom furniture and toilet seats , which over the years has grown and developed, increasing product range, offering customers a wide and detailed selection from wood furniture to modern furniture painted, and a wide range of MDF toilet seats.



Innovation, respect for the environment and attention to customer needs are for Savinidue a constant stimulus to develop and improve production. The attention to design accompanied by a good price-quality report, always revealed Savinidue’s activity. Now our collections embrace different styles: classical, modern and contemporary.


Developed in the last 10 years, today the company Savinidue is a solid reality in the city of Sebes in Romania, at a few kilometers from Alba Iulia and Sibiu.
All these years have created a significant experience and professionalism in the industry, allowing them to create an immediate reality of the needs of planning a space that has become increasingly important inside a house. Confirmation of our professionalism and caring for people and the environment came together with the certifications and international standards that Savinidue obtained:

  • ISO 9001 – standard for proper quality management system;
  • ISO 14001 – standard for environmental management system;




Excellent results were determined at the end of 2013 and beginning of 2014, accelerated industrial development materialized through a complete refurbishment, using the latest technologies. Although the economy was experiencing a period of general crisis, the unique owner, Piersante Savini, has relied heavily on investments in new machinery and equipment, both painting and carpentry, as well as doubling the coated surface of the factory, which now has 17,000 m² and which operates about 375 employees.


Characterized by a deep penetration of European markets at the moment Savinidue largest producer of bathroom furniture in Romania, distributes its products in Italy, Austria, Bulgaria, Greece, Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary, Germany and Ukraine.