A partnership for sport excellence and performance

Feb 13, 2020 | News

This month Savini Due announced by posting on its official website, the conclusion of a one-year partnership, through which the company of Italian origins, leader in the bathroom furniture market in Romania, becomes official sponsor of the cycling team Giotti Victoria for competitions in Romania, Hungary and ex-Yugoslav countries.

Dott. Savini & Mr. Giuliani

Dott. Savini & Mr. Giuliani

About Giotti Victoria cycling team

The Giotti Victoria – Palomar team is an Italian-Romanian cycling team founded by the former great cyclist of Italian origin, Stefano Giuliani, internationally recognized for his successes in the Giro d ‘Italia. The team consists of cyclists from Italy, Romania and Japan, and participates every year in competitions such as the Tour of Romania, the Tour of Japan, Ronde de L’oise (France), the National Championship in Italy, the National Championship in Romania, and many more.


About Savini Due

Savini Due is a leader in the bathroom furniture market in Romania, Hungary, and is an important player in the market in Italy, Greece, Bulgaria and the former Yugoslav countries. For 17 years, the passion for Italian design and the quality of the materials used have been translated into products that have been noticed year by year at international fairs, and which we find in most of the Romanian baths. The company is actively involved in the life of the society and in the local community, where it supports education in hygienic conditions, health and sports, through the different programs that it conducts annually.