Trend Review: Using Color in Your Bathroom in 2020

May 15, 2020 | Blog, News

We can say that the bathroom is the perfect place to experiment with different materials, textures and colors. If in the past years, neutral colors, minimalist shapes and lush decor elements, dominated the landscape in modern bathrooms, the year 2020 comes with something new.

Color is the main element, whether we are talking about an invigorating color spot, or a well-thought-out combination of colors, textures and shapes.

That’s why you should embrace using color in your bathroom again for an extra bit of personality.

Next we will show you exactly how to do this.



Photo: Cielo 60 cm furniture in Imperial Red color




As we continue to move further and further away from the gray tones, we expect to see an increase in colorful accents, either through the pieces of bathroom furniture or the accessories. These color points combine very nicely with a neutral shade, either light or dark.

You may have heard of the growing popularity of kitchens with yellow, purple, green or blue accents, so expect to see the same vivid colors in future bathroom renovations in 2020. The specific color chosen can be used to determine different moods.

For example, it is said that the appearance of blue in homes increases the level of relaxation. On the other hand, green causes a feeling of naturalness and well-being. Other colors, such as red, can even improve your mood and energy level in the morning. Here’s a fun way to add a unique touch to your bathroom.


viriginia furniture

Photo: Virginia 80 cm in oak + glossy white combination




Whether we are talking about the wallpaper you have dreamed of for so long, or maybe you prefer a piece of furniture with an interesting texture, you can always add a new level of WOW to your bathroom when you let your imagination find the most interesting combinations.

You can create a calm, natural design in which to recharge your batteries every night. Or maybe something more eccentric characterizes you, with which to amaze your guests, and give them a reason to talk and even envy.

Combining colors and textures never fails when you want to create something really interesting.

So, whether you prefer the super high glossy colors from the Armonia or Geos collection, or you can opt for an oak texture from the Corallo collection, or who knows, you may want to add a splash of color with one of the shades from the Cielo collection.

Either way, get ready to surprise with your new bathroom in 2020.