PVC wrapping technology – Savini Due’s answer to responsible, environmentally friendly production of bathroom furniture

May 26, 2020 | Blog, News

Responsibility for the environment and the local community has always been the main concern of Savini Due, so over the years the company has constantly invested in intelligent solutions to reduce emissions into the atmosphere.

In the final months of 2018, Savini Due took a very important step towards a consistent reduction of the impact on the environment, integrating for the first time the new technologies of PVC wrapping of bathroom furniture in the production process.

This year, Savini Due takes a new step towards achieving the goal of reducing the impact on the environment by 80% by the end of 2021, by extending the use of this new technology to a significant number of furniture collections in its portfolio.


What does PVC wrapped bathroom furniture look like


A foil-wrapped bathroom furniture is made of MDF panels, which are coated in a layer of PVC foil, in a thermal process, using a membrane press, so that the application is done perfectly, without air bubbles under the foil or other defects found in older wrapping technologies.

This ensures not only the superior quality of the final product, but also a premium look, but at the same time it is a very safe technology in terms of protecting operators.

What makes it different from painted furniture


The new way of producing bathroom furniture by wrapping has several advantages.

The most important advantage of this technology is that it produces and releases 0 emissions of volatile organic compounds into the atmosphere, being the main reason why Savini Due decided to implement this strategy.


A second advantage is the increased resistance of the furniture to moisture in the bathroom. Better moisture resistance automatically means longer furniture life, and long-term satisfaction for Savini Due customers.


The third advantage is the better resistance to surface scratches, a feature specific to PVC foil, doubled by a top layer of protection that the new furniture has applied, and which is removed only after its installation. Less scratches means a pleasant look on the long-term.


More news about the new furniture collections and production technologies, soon on www.savinidue.ro.