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Warranty Certificate

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Warranty Certificate

Installation of a suspended bathroom furniture

Installation of bathroom furniture with legs

Installation of a bathroom mirror with cabinet

PDF Assembly Instructions

Download the PDF containing the assembly instructions for the collection corresponding to your furniture.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. General questions

Where can I buy Savini Due products from?

Savini Due products can be bought from our partners. To find the complete list of partners, go to the Contact page.

2. Technical questions about the products

What type of materials are used in making the furniture?

Savini Due’s bathroom furniture is made of LDF, MDF, HDF, solid wood and stratified wood.

What type of materials do you use for washbasins?

Most of the washbasins we use are made of ceramic. Exceptions are the washbasins from the Armonia, Geos and Cielo collections, which are made of resin, and the washbasin for washstands, which is made of hard plastic.

How can I find out the available finishes and sizes for each furniture collection?

Information about each furniture collection (including available finishes and sizes) can be found by accessing the page dedicated to the respective collection as follows: (example) Collections -> Armonia.

3. Questions about how to install the furniture

At what height above the floor do you recommend the mounting of suspended furniture?

For a good user experience, the suspended furniture should be mounted at a height of 85-90 cm from the floor.

What is the recommended distance from the heat sources to be observed when installing the furniture?

The minimum recommended distance from the heat sources when installing bathroom furniture is 30 cm.

What is the recommended distance from the water sources (shower, bathtub) to be observed when installing furniture?

It is recommended to place the bathroom furniture at a minimum distance of 50 cm from the water sources. Avoid direct contact with water.

Who can connect the products to the water and sewerage network and / or to the electrical grid, as appropriate?

For a responsible use of bathroom furniture, it is mandatory that the connection to the water and sewerage network be made by qualified personnel. Also, for products that require connection to the electrical grid, it is mandatory that this be done by a qualified person. Defects and damages resulting from non-compliance with these provisions lead to the loss of the guarantee.

Can the furniture be placed on an uneven surface?

It is advisable to install the bathroom furniture on straight surfaces, free of humps, but if this is not possible horizontal and vertical furniture installation will be done with the help of the level, as these humps create tensions in the resistance points and will lead to long-term furniture failure.

Can the furniture be installed outside?

NO. Savini Due’s bathroom furniture is not designed to be installed outside.

Can the product be modified (indenting, cutting) to fit in a given space?

Modifying the furniture in any way (e.g. by indenting, or cutting it) to fit in the space available in the bathroom automatically leads to the lost of the guarantee. We recommend that you consult your store representative, designer or installer to choose the most appropriate furniture for your bathroom.

What are the stages of mounting / installing the bathroom furniture?

To complete the mounting / installation steps of the bathroom furniture, please refer to the Assembly Instructions.

How to install the washbasin on the bathroom furniture?

For mounting the washbasin on the furniture it is recommended to use a fixing kit suitable for the wall type (brick, concrete, etc.). Also, for sealing and preventing water leakage, we recommend you to use the sanitary silicone.

4. Questions about maintenance and warranty

What is the product warranty period?

All products in the Savini Due range come with a 2-year warranty, which starts from the moment of purchase.

What should I do to benefit from the warranty?

You must follow the recommendations regarding the maintenance and installation of bathroom furniture. We do not provide warranty for damaged products due to non-compliance with these recommendations or the use of products for purposes other than those for which they were made.

What do you recommend for cleaning the wood surfaces?

To clean the wooden parts, use a slightly damp micro fiber cloth. Avoid using abrasive, acid and / or aggressive products and do not leave water on the upper parts of the furniture and on the wooden parts.

What do you recommend for cleaning the washbasins?

To remove the limestone, dirt and stains that may be deposited on the surface, all you have to do is to clean with soap and water or ordinary non-abrasive detergents, non-abrasive sponge or cotton fabric, taking care to rinse the surface.

What do you recommend for cleaning the mirrors?

For cleaning the mirrors it is recommended to use micro fiber cloths and to avoid abrasive substances, acids or aggressive products.

Is the furniture designed to withstand a high degree of humidity (watering)?

Bathroom furniture is designed to withstand normal humidity conditions (steam, accidental splashing). Permanent exposure to a high degree of humidity will cause furniture damage (swelling), which is not covered by the warranty.

What is the maximum recommended weight of the products that can be placed on the furniture washbasin?

The maximum recommended weight of the objects that can be placed on the washbasin of the bathroom furniture is 2 kg.

If I find a flaw in one of the Savini Due products purchased, what is the procedure for accessing the warranty?

To access the warranty for Savini Due products, please keep your tax receipt or purchase invoice, and contact the store where the product was purchased. This method ensures that your request reaches Savini Due as soon as possible, in view of settlement.

Declarations of Conformity

For the declaration of conformity of the products, please send us an e-mail to with the title Declaration of conformity + the code of the product for which you request it.